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Welcome to our Helpful Bindery Hints and Tips series. Every month, we send out a helpful tip by e-mail to help you prepare your work for binding and finishing as well as save time and reduce costs. To join our email distribution list, send your information to

This Month's Issue:
May 2017: Our Books Are Strong!

Previous Issues:
April 2017: More Customer Service Excellence
March 2017: Getting Multiple Versions of the Same Job Right
February 2017: Choose the Right Hard Cover Binding Style
January 2017: Customer Service Excellence
December 2016: O Happy Season! Happy Holidays 2016!
November 2016: Sleeping Bookie Common Book Binding Applications
October 2016: Ask Not What Your PUR Hardcover Books Can Do For You
September 2016: The Four Horsemen of Proper Signature Folding
August 2016: Book Binding Trifecta: Otabind, PUR Adhesive and PUR Layflat Styles
July 2016: Three Steps to Prevent Unsightly and Costly "Transit" Marking
June 2016: 4 Pillars of Proper Signature Prep
May 2016: Is Estimating Like Marriage? 7 Tips
April 2016: Production Planning Spoilage Allowances
March 2016: Thin Book Production Excellence
February 2016: Newton ... Einstein ... Cummings?
January 2016: The Big Bang of Otabind
December 2015: Ring a Ding a Ling a Ling a Ling
November 2015: The Sticky Business of Glue Traps
October 2015 Extra: Coloring Books!
October 2015: Side-Sewn Hard Binding (Part 2)
September 2015: Side-Sewn Hard Binding (Part 1)
August 2015: Change is in the Air ... Again! New Happenings at Muscle Bound Bindery
July 2015: Get Yer Estimates! Estimating Speed & Accuracy
June 2015: Promises Made. Promises Kept. Bindery Equipment Update
May 2015: It's a bird! It's a plane! Dual Use Signatures
April 2015: Thread Seal Binding, Heather Flunks Poetry
March 2015: Custom Cover Layout Offer, O' Happy St. Patty's Day!
February 2015: Book Binding Layouts, Layout the Love!
January 2015: New Year Announcements, Change is in the Air!
December 2014: Some light hearted fun, Holiday Trivia
November 2014: New Binding Style, "Unfinished" Side Sewing
October 2014: Customer Service, Straight Talk!
September 2014: Cover Material Options, Rev Up Your Covers!
August 2014: Matching End Sheets, 3 Crazy Conversations!
July 2014: Film Laminating, Emperor Needs Clothes!
June 2014:Tape Binding, Celebrate the Difference!
May 2014: Complementary Bindery Services, Meat & Potatoes? You Bet!
April 2014 Inserts Are Signatures Too!
March 2014 Otabind 201: PUR Glue (Part 2 of 2)
February 2014 Otabind 101: Cold Glue (Part 1 of 2)
December 2013 Ring in 2014 with TWO Special Offers! PLUS: Three Things to Know About PUR
November 2013 Be Thankful for Endsheets!
October 2013 All About Otabind Case Binding
September 2013 Planning A Side-Sewn Case Binding Project? Keep These Spec Guidelines in Mind
August 2013 Two Great Otabind Adhesive Options
July 2013 Why PUR is Great for Case-Bound Books
June 2013 Thread Sealing vs. Smyth Sewing - Battle of the "Binds"
May 2013 Coming Soon to Muscle Bound: Second PUR Binding System
December 2010 Case Binding with PUR Adhesive:
The "Dream Team" for Strength, Flexibility and Efficiency

November 2010 Tips for Smooth Signature Folding
October 2010 Keep Books Safe with Proper Packaging
September 2010 Have Otabind Questions? We Have Answers
August 2010 Making End(sheet)s Meet: Tips for Smooth Endsheet Planning
July 2010 Plan Properly for Hot Weather
June 2010 Film Lamination: Max Cover Protection,
Minimal Investment

May 2010 Preparing Books for Thread Sealing
April 2010 Four Short-Run Binding Tips
March 2010 PUR Binding Means its Built to Last
February 2010 Smooth Sailing: Five Planning Tips to Make Your Life Easier
January 2010 The Strength of Sewing, the Flexibility of Adhesive: Introducing Thread Sealing
December 2008 Our Holiday Decor Isn't the Only Thing Green at © 2010 Muscle Bound Bindery
November 2008 Muscle Bound is Thankful for Your Business
October 2008 When you need the toughest binding available – PUR is the ideal solution
September 2008 Brawn and Beauty All in One Hardcover PUR bound books
August 2008 PUR Glue: The Strongest on the Market
July 2008 Judge these books by the cover
June 2008 Choose the Right Binding Method for Your Next Book Project
May 2008 Film Lamination: The Saving Grace of Book Protection
April 2008- Ready for Prime Time: Short Run Hard Bound Binding
March 2008- Book Size Minimums, Coatings in the Spine, Grain Direction and More!
February 2008 - Tips for Smooth Signature Folding
January 2008 - Answers to Three Common Binding Questions
December 2007- © 2010 Muscle Bound Bindery Marks 40th Anniversary
November 2007 - Perfect Binding Blends Classic Style with Economy
October 2007 - Get the Best Results For Your Otabind Projects
September 2007 - A Marketing Tool with a Magnetic Appeal
August 2007 - The Challenges of Special Order Projects
July 2007 - Additional Otabind Applications
June 2007 - Additional Uses for Case Binding
May 2007 - 10 Tips for Accurate Estimates and Worry-Free Production
April 2007 - Answers to Three Common Binding Questions
March 2007 - Planning a Short Run or Digitally Printed Book
February 2007 - Prime Applications for Otabind
January 2007 - All About Soft Covers
December 2006 - Thin is In at Muscle Bound
November 2006 - Little Planning Details Can Yield Big Savings
October 2006 - Understanding Industry Terminology
September 2006 - Product Spotlight: World Almanac
August 2006 - Proper Packing Is In the Details
July 2006 - The ABC’s of Library Binding
June 2006 - Three Vital “In-the-Trenches” Services
May 2006 - Otabind: Behind the Bind
April 2006 - Answers to Three Common Binding Questions
March 2006 - User-Friendly Design Elements
February 2006 - Hardcover Binding Layouts
January 2006 - Calculating Production Quantities
December 2005 - Perfect Binding Cover Options
November 2005 - The Importance of Signature Preparation
October 2005: Design Options for Hardcover Books
September 2005: Four Keys for Proper Folding
August 2005: The Protective Power of Film Lamination
July 2005: Perfect Binding Text Layouts
June 2005: Reducing Transit Marking and Waste
May 2005: The Best of Both Worlds: Otabind
April 2005: Real Strength: Side-Sewn Case Binding
March 2005: Perfect Binding Tips
February 2005: Estimating and Job Planning: It’s All in the Details
January 2005: Top Ten Binding Tips



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